U.S. Senator Ted Cruz voted yesterday in favor of final passage of the FY2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which provides numerous military necessities, including over $512 million in military construction funds to the state of Texas for 2018.

Senator Cruz sponsored 13 amendments and cosponsored nine that were successfully adopted into the bill, benefitting both Texas and military interests abroad and in space.

“Today the United States Senate fulfilled our first responsibility: ensuring the defense of this nation with legislation that marks a critical step in rebuilding our nation’s military, further protecting our national security interests at home and abroad, and fulfilling our promise to better equip and expand training for our men and women in uniform,” Sen. Cruz said.

Cruz sponsored and cosponsored several amendments made to the NDAA specifically benefiting Texas military installations and the servicemen and women based in the Lone Star State.

He also supported amendments that will strengthen U.S. relations with Taiwan and India, hold accountable the hostile regimes in Iran and Venezuela, explore ways to secure vital domestic infrastructure from electromagnetic attack, and anchor American leadership in space.

“This NDAA legislation is also critically important to Texas, with vital military construction funds for our state's defense installations, an increase in the number of F-35s to continue our air superiority, and a well-deserved pay increase for our brave Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines who defend our nation and freedoms every day,"  Senator Cruz said.

Some of these amendments include:

  • Amarillo’s Material Staging Facility Modernization:Our nation’s nuclear stockpile is a vital part of our strategic deterrent and the work being performed in Amarillo’s Material Staging Facility is crucial to that enterprise. However, much of it was built decades ago, and we should not risk extended delays to development of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s plans for its modernization. Sen. Cruz introduced an amendment that directs the NNSA to provide a plan for the future Material Staging Facility by February 2018.
  • Texas Education Partnerships with USAF:The USAF currently faces a shortfall of aircraft maintainers, however, Texas is blessed with outstanding educational institutions and supportive communities that can help solve this challenge. Sen. Cruz introduced language that directs the Air Force to pursue partnerships with local and regional educational institutions to help develop and strengthen these important training needs.
  • Report on Hurricane Damage to Defense Assets: Cruz cosponsored Sen. Rubio’s amendment to require a report on damage to Department of Defense assets from hurricanes in 2017.

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