National Twilight Zone Day is officially celebrated on May 11th according to the National Day Calendar. The television show premiered October 2, 1959 and ran for five years. The incredibly popular show has won many awards and was created and hosted by Rod Serling.

I decided to look around for a Texas mystery that could fit this holiday... somewhere that may feel a little strange, spooky, mysterious and uncertain.

One of the most mysterious places I found, perhaps a perfect setting for a "Twilight Zone" episode, is the historically mysterious Caddo Lake. According to many sources, including the Caddo Lake Tours website, no one really understands how this lake was formed. Even the town there is named Uncertain (for a different reason).

According to Caddo legend, an earthquake buried a village in water when this lake was formed in 1811. One thing is certain, there is a deep sense of mystery surrounding this great lake.

It's reported to be beautiful during the day, but take on a much different atmosphere at night. It is 26,000 acres of incredible historic wetlands, and is designated as a National Park. If you are looking for a breathtaking, and possibly unexplainable adventure, head out to Caddo Lake. 

You can celebrate National Twilight Zone Day on May 11th with  #nationaltwilightzoneday. Be safe and have fun!

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