While we do have some annoyances here and there, El Paso is far from having the worst weather in the state of Texas.

Texas is big, as we all know, and with that great size comes great extremes as far as the weather goes. Hail, lightning, sleet, snow, rain, flooding ... seriously, we have got everything.

Near the gulf, hurricanes. Up north, tornadoes. West Texas gets broiling hot summers while the Panhandle sees more snow than any other Texas region. At the time of this writing, the Panhandle is also dealing with the largest wildfire in Texas history.

Every part of the lone star state, beyond the typical weather patterns for it, has crazy, unpredictable weather events. As the saying goes; if you don't like the weather in Texas, give it 1/2 an hour or so and it'll change.

El Paso weather is hot but otherwise pretty mild. Except the spring windy season. From early to mid March through late May, it sucks to be here. Visibility sucks, you can't keep anything clean, you get sand in your mouth, your vehicle gets sandblasted. It's horrible.

What part of Texas has the worst weather overall?

That honor, (or dishonor), goes to Fort Worth in Tarrant County according to tpr.org. They only compared data between the 5 biggest cities in Texas so, you have to give them a little room here. Not much though ... I think they're pretty much right.

Why Does Fort Worth Get The Worst Weather Award?

They’ve seen the most severe hail reports since the year 2000, and it’s not particularly close. The DFW area often sees the most destructive tornado events,” he said. “Tarrant County has seen the No. 1 damaging wind reports of all five major cities since the year 2000.” - tpr.org 

Fort Worth is also in tornado country so, yeah ... weather-wise; you could do better as far as picking a spot to hang your cowboy hat in the lone star state.

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