race relations

Improving Strained Race Relations
Reggie Dial on The Chad Hasty Show discussing the current state of affairs and strained race relations in the nation, the reality of perceptions, and what can be done to lower tensions and improve relationships.
TTU Rebukes Student Video
School officials released a statement of non-support after a controversial video from an incoming freshman discussing race was released on social media.
Chicago Torture Attack
Chad Hasty discusses the brutal story from Chicago about a special needs eighteen year old who was kidnapped and tortured by a group consisting of two men and two women who streamed a thirty minute video of themselves laughing and taunting the the young man with racial remarks.
Hasty: Race Should Not Matter in SC Shooting
Chad Hasty maintains that skin color should have nothing to do with this situation.

Wouldn't this officer be charged even if he were black or even if the person he shot were white? Why do we have to keep throwing race into the title?