A Huge Rocket Will Hit Earth This Weekend
Will Lubbock be hit by a giant space rocket this weekend?
The answer is, probably not, but as of this moment, nothing can be ruled out. According to the New York Times, Long March 5B, or at least a part of it, is falling towards Earth...
Earth Is Safe From Asteroid For At Least 100 Years
There is some good news this week. NASA officials say Planet Earth is safe from being hit by an asteroid that scientists have been studying for years.
According to NASA Asteroid Apophis will not be slamming into planet Earth within the next 100 years...
Iridium Flare
The Lubbock area has another great opportunity to sight an Iridim flare tonight as the satellite passes over Lubbock at 8:28:50 p.m.
Spot the International Space Station Tonight
Tonight on the South Plains we have another great opportunity to see the International Space Station (ISS) as it passes high overhead. The local forecast is calling for partly cloudy skies, so it should be good viewing weather.
Future Spacecraft
A panelist of experts from NASA Boeing and SpaceX will discuss the future of American-made spacecraft next week at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.
Detailed Images of Pluto
After nine years and a sojourn of more than 3 billion miles, NASA’s New Horizons space probe is nearing Pluto and will return the first detailed images of the dwarf planet.
Satellite Spotting Opportunities in the Lubbock Area Tonight
Tonight’s ISS pass will be very bright. Begin watching for it at 7:04 pm near the northwest horizon, climbing higher to nearly directly overhead at about 7:07. From there the ISS will continue toward the southeast horizon, and rather than going out of sight below the horizon, it will disappea…
International Space Station Visible
Skies are forecast to be partly cloudy this evening, Monday, December 08, 2014. This should be another great opportunity to spot the International Space Station (ISS) as it passes over the Lubbock area.

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