glenn hegar

Sales Tax Revenue Growth Slowing
Sales tax revenue continued is growing trend this month with $760 million distributed to local governments despite a continued decline in the oil and gas mining industries.
Sales Tax Data
Texas’ sales tax revenue for the month of March grew by 1.5 percent from March 2014 to $2.12 billion.
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Glenn Hegar on The Chad Hasty Show talking about important fiscal issues facing the state of Texas.
Biennial Revenue Report
Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar released the state’s Biennial Revenue estimate today, which projects the legislature will have $113 billion available to spend in the 2016-2017 state budget.
Sales Tax Allocations
Texas’ new Comptroller, Glenn Hegar, distributed $618 million in sales tax revenue during the first allocation period of 2015.

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