31-Year-Old Stewart Kile Williams of Sweetwater, Texas, could spend dozens of years behind bars for perpetuating two multi-million dollar fraud schemes that involved fake identities and forged documents.

His first fraud scheme took place in 2015 and 2016 in the Southern District of Texas while Williams was an employee of the Jones Alto Colorado Ranch, located in Encino, Texas.

Williams was in charge of selling a select number of cattle to the Wyatt Ranch when he lied to Jones Ranch management about Wyatt wanting to purchase more cattle than they originally agreed to.

Behind the scenes, Williams used another person's identity to create a false email account and forged invoices. He tricked both Jones and Wyatt into believing the transaction was legitimate, while pocketing more than $2 million dollars during the course of the scheme.

In August of 2018 a grand jury indicted Williams and he was sentenced to pay restitution and serve 70 months in prison. But it was not known at the time that while on pre-trial release, Williams was already perpetuating another fraud scheme, this time in the Northern District of Texas.

Williams formed a fake company called AZS Trenching which he claimed provided freight and trenching services in the West Texas Permian Basin.

In 2019, Williams created more fake identities and forged more than 38 fictitious invoices to steal over $12.3 million dollars from a company called Navarone Capitol, LLC.

Williams was finally caught after a joint investigation by IRS-Criminal Investigations, the U.S. Postal Inspection Services, and the FBI. Williams has pled guilty in the 2nd fraud scheme and faces another 60 years in prison.

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