On the Friday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Kurt Mueller from Students for Concealed Carry talked with Chad Hasty about the group's efforts to promote concealed carry on campus in Texas.

With the third special session of the 83rd Texas Legislature underway, Students for Concealed Campus are aiming to add a discussion on campus carry to the legislative agenda. Mueller said that Governor Rick Perry has expressed support in campus carry in the past, and with Perry's recent decision to not run for governor again, Mueller believes this would be a great time to bring it back up again.

Mueller said that his organization's efforts for campus carry is more focused on graduate students and professors who have a concealed handgun license as opposed to undergraduate students. While some legislators are looking at options that would allow college presidents to opt out of campus carry, Mueller said he would much rather prefer to see a unified law across all campuses in Texas. He explained that most college presidents would opt out of an optional campus carry because they simply do not know very much about firearms.

"We think that most of the college presidents would choose to opt out because they are unfamiliar with firearms and they make think that their campuses are perfect little worlds where no harm can happen. But we just know that's not true. So we would ideally like this to be an issue of preemption. Just in the same way your local township shouldn't be able to pass a law that interfere with concealed carry, we don't think college campuses should either."

Mueller also pointed out that people had these same kind of concerns about concealed carry 25 years ago, and that there hasn't been any indication that gun crimes increased drastically once it was implemented.

For more information on Students for Concealed Carry, visit their website at concealedcampus.org or find them on Facebook.

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