Wednesday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, Lubbock City Councilman and recently elected Mayor Pro Tem Steve Massengale joined Dave and Matt to talk about the designs for a new Lubbock park, the Buddy Holly Performing Arts Center, COVID in Lubbock and the vaccine rollout, a mandatory election in May, and more.

Massengale started the discussion by talking about last night's city council meeting and the work session they held to discuss details about a new park in downtown Lubbock. Steve explained that the city already has money for the design of the park, but not the park itself, that was already approved in their budget, and so they have approved the process to start the design and conceptualization on the park. The park would be built on the block where the LP&L building is located, which is already set to be torn down, and is part of their downtown redevelopment plan. Massengale says that he is in support of the construction of this park, and talked about some of the possible features of the park, such as multiple levels due to the existing basement that is there now, as well as some possible uses of the park, such as hosting food trucks, having people play movies, and perhaps even a temporary ice rink. "This is not what you typically see done in Lubbock," Massengale said. When asked if there will be any equipment for children to play on, Steve said that he thinks there are plenty of other parks made for that purpose, and that that hasn't been discussed for this park.

The Councilman also gave an update on COVID and vaccine rollouts in Lubbock. Massengale explained that the city council talks about the issue a lot, and are staying in contact with the state to stay updated on how the vaccines will be delivered. Steve said that Covenant hospitals got the vaccines yesterday, UMC is planned to get them later this week, and later in the month some of the larger pharmacies in Lubbock will be able to start administering vaccines. "It's a priority for everybody," Steve said, going on to remind us of two important details. One, that as we get the vaccine rolled out, it wont mean that the pandemic is instantly over, and two, that the vaccine will first be given to healthcare workers, then first responders and critical workers, then the vulnerable and the elderly, and finally the general public.

Finally, Councilman Massengale talked about the upcoming election on the issue of the sanctuary cities for the unborn. Steve explained that this election, like all elections, will be expensive. Despite this, it is a mandatory election, meaning that the city council doesn't have the choice about taking it up. The election will take place in May.

Watch the full interview with Councilman Steve Massengale in the video above.

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