On this week's edition of The Matt Crow Show, District 83 state representative Charles Perry spoke with Matt Crow about his thoughts on the Texas Senate and the 2014 elections.

One of the topics Perry discussed is the possibility of state Senator Robert Duncan becoming the next chancellor of Texas Tech. He expressed interest in possibly running for Duncan's seat in the Texas Senate if Duncan does become chancellor. Perry added that he believes he would have a good chance of winning that seat, and that many of his views and policies line up with Duncan's.

"I think that probably on 99 percent of the stuff, we're going to be right there with it. I'm a little more, not rigid, but a little more fiscal. I want to see some things fiscally put into the budget process...I think that we ought to have a cap on how much state government can spend and it ought to be tied to population and inflation. Those are initiatives that haven't gotten through House or Senate for the last 2 sessions, and I'm not sure that [Senator Duncan] would be against those.  But those are thing I'm passionate about, and I think we might have maybe just taken a little different passion."

Perry also shared his predictions for the 2014 elections. He seemed confident that Greg Abbott would win the Governor's election, and predicted that Senator Dan Patrick would win over incumbent David Dewhurst for Lieutenant Governor. He also shared his thoughts on Texas House leader Joe Strauss, saying that he was a passive, non-controversial leader, and hasn't really let conservatives do what they wanted to do in the Texas House.

Perry also discussed a number of other issues including gambling in Texas, Senator Ted Cruz, and who some of his inspirations were to get involved in politics.

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