President Obama will give the annual State of the Union tonight (8 PM on KFYO) and it's almost guaranteed to make you want to slam your head into a desk. To prevent that from happening we present to you the State of the Union Drinking Game. For entertainment purposes only of course. (more after the jump)With the help of a listener to LFN, we have put together a drinking game for tonight's speech. Of course, this is for entertainment purposes only and if you are like Rex Andrew, you'll use Dr. Pepper for all drinks.

You will take a drink every time you hear:

-"Trust me"

-"I love America

-"Create new jobs"






Take 2 drinks every time you hear:


-"Work with Republicans"




-"Hard work"


-"Let me be clear"

Take 3 drinks every time you hear:

-"President Ronald Reagan"

Chug the bottle if you hear:

-"President Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday..."

Then go to sleep and wake up in time for LFN on Wednesday morning.

Let me know if you can think of any others and I'll update the list up until 8pm tonight.

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