State Representative Stan Lambert wants to continue to representing the area he loves. Lambert represents Texas House District 71 and recently joined The Chad Hasty Show to discuss the last session and how he felt it went. Lambert said that while a lot was accomplished in the last legislative session, there is still work to be done.

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Lambert said that the number one issue is the border and how to secure the border along with finding ways to stop the flow of drugs and human trafficking into Texas and throughout the United States.

Lambert talked about continuing to build up the Texas economy and rural broadband. Lambert believes that there will be a bi partisan push for rural broadband. Lambert said he believes that other priorities got in the way of the Governor's support rural broadband. Lambert mentioned that he was with Congressman Jodey Arrington in Taylor County this week where there two discussed the need for expansion of broadband.

On the issue of border funding, Lambert told The Chad Hasty Show, that lawmakers need to continue to put pressure on the Biden administration to pay Texas for the border security but that Texans need to protect Texans and get control of the border. Lambert said Texas' continued efforts along the border will cost billions but we "don't have a choice".

Lambert said that during redistricting they added a new county to his district and that they would be traveling there soon to meet with citizens and elected officials.

Listen to the full interview with State Rep. Stan Lambert above.

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