Spectra is introducing new menu items at Jones AT&T stadium for the 2017 Texas Tech football season. Spectra is the provider of Food Services and Hospitality to Texas Tech.

In total, six new menu items will be available at the concession stand.

  1. Papa John’s slices, featuring a choice between cheese, pepperoni, or hamburger. ($6 per slice)
  2. The Sriracha Onion Burger, featuring a one-third-pound burger cooked with deep-fried onions and slaw on top with a Sriracha sauce. ($11)

3. The Chicken or Beef Skewers are grilled and served with Sidewinders fries on the side. ($10)

4. The Sausage Wrap features a grilled spicy sausage served on a hot flour tortilla and customized with your choice of condiment. ($8)

5. The Bratwurst Sandwich features giant Jonesville bratwurst served on a heated hoagie bun topped with sautéed onions and bell peppers.($8)

6. The Barbecue Brisket Sandwich features Texas smoked brisket in a tangy bold BBQ sauce topped with onions, pickles and jalapeños on a hot bun and served with Lays Potato Chips. ($10)


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