Incredible news from Sophia Campa-Peters who, just two weeks after coming through major brain surgery with more than 10,000 prayers, has toured The Capitol in Washington, D.C. and met President Donald Trump.

A hero to all of us, Sophia met President Trump, Rep. Jodey Arrington, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Princess Katherine of Serbia while in Washington, D.C. for the 66th National Prayer Breakfast. And while the official White House photographer took the pictures of Sophia with President Trump, Sophia's mom Karyn did share the above photos with us.

Lonestar 99.5 also received this update from Karyn:

Sophia met President Trump today before the National Prayer Breakfast, in typical fashion she avoided the protocols daddy told her about and ran and gave him a big bear hug as she thanked him.

She met Congressman Jodey Arrington who gave her a private tour of the Capitol, she walked on the Speaker’s balcony, met Paul Ryan, went on the House Floor... met Her Royal Highness Princess Katherine of Serbia, many people who took photos with her, prayed with her, and simply wanted to meet her....when she was asked what was next for her she did “Only God knows what comes next for me”

God is certainly with Sophia as she continues to inspire all of us on her journey.

We will keep you updated on anything new. You can like her Facebook page and visit her website for more information. Scroll down to see more videos about Sophia.

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