Lubbock has a very in depth art scene with murals, installations and performances that showcase the variety of art that brings life to the Hub City, but a new take on a somewhat old hobby will be showcased in Lubbock: selfies.

Many of you reading this may be questioning if that's a typo. In fact, selfies are the main focus this month for one Lubbock exhibit. Sam Gaitan, Raicodoll, has collaborated with various artist across the South Plains to bring a new kind of experience that people will have to jump into.

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Snap! A Collaborative Immersive Experience is a four-room interactive installation meant for people to take selfies in and just vibe with the environment but the rooms hold a few secrets. Attendees are supposed to go further than just taking selfies and interact with things in the room to figure out the stories and themes that they hold within.

In an interview with KFYO News, Gaitan informed us that the idea was inspired by interactive art exhibit Meow Wolf. Alternate Reality Games also encouraged her to mix the ideas together.

Selfie installations have grown in popularity across the U.S. with many different themes, such as wall gardens, neon lights and even bubble baths. "Some themes even have tailored music or sound to them and QR codes and things to figure out," said Gaitan.

The installations are free to the public, but tips are appreciated due to the fact that all artists put their hearts and personal funds into giving the rooms life, along with one sponsor. The launch of the installations will be Saturday, July 9th from 8 - 10 p.m..

Attendees are encouraged to use the hashtag #SnapCollab when posting about the experience to social media . More information can be found on the event Facebook page, along with names of the rooms, which artists created the installations, and time and days for this month's public access to the installations for selfies.

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