Having solved all the other issues facing the United States, the U.S. Senate has decided it wants to get back into the role of interviewing sports figures. According to the Washington Times, the Senate will hold hearings on "bounties" in the NFL. This after the NFL already punished the New Orleans Saints coaching staff. According to the Washington Times:

Sen. Richard J. Durbin, a senior member of theJudiciary Committee, said he’ll ask for testimony from representatives of all the major pro sports leagues, as well as the NCAA, which governs most major college athletics.

Mr. Durbin, Illinois Democrat, also said he’ll look at whether bribery laws should be expanded to make pay-for-injury bounties illegal under federal law.

“When an injury is by design and is paid for, we’ve moved beyond any definition of sport,” Mr. Durbin said.

No time has been set yet for the hearings, which he announced in a speech on the Senate floor.

The NFL is handling this mess Senator. How about the Senate focus on issues facing the United States, or just take a vacation since the Senate really hasn't done much good lately anyway.

What do you think? Is this a waste of time for the U.S. Senate?

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