Friday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, the editor of the Quorum Report Scott Braddock joined Dave King and guest host Carl Tepper to talk about business closures, the Governor's recent restrictions, what a legislative session could look like in Texas, Republican voters, MJ Hegar, and more.

Braddock started the discussion by talking about the fact that show host Matt Martin had contracted COVID-19 and, that for a lot of people, that is hitting close to home right now. On that topic, they talked about how it relates to the COVID closures and restrictions around the state. Braddock discussed how some people feel that the Governor is clamping down on their freedoms, with Abbott having some extra power in disaster situations, and questioned if one person should have the power to do that, or if he should be checked by the legislature. Scott says that there are different opinions all around, but suggested a system where the legislature would automatically have a meeting called if there Governor tries to take over for too long.

Still on that same thread, Tepper brought up that he has heard conflicting reports on what a legislative session could look like, with some saying that COVID and the Governor will be the big issues, and some saying that they just plan to show up, pass a budget, and leave. Braddock explained that there have been sources indicating that it could be a shorter session with just the budget discussed, but he doesn't really expect it, saying, "According to the constitution, as you eluded to, this is the shot that legislators have at oversight of the executive branch," going on to say that this is their chance to change the laws that we all live under, in relation to COVID affecting so many people's lives. Braddock also said that he really thinks that the people of Texas want them to go in there and take a good look at what the Governor is doing.

Another topic brought up by Tepper was that many people are concerned that the Texas House of Representatives could end up with a Democrat majority, and Carl asked Scott what he thinks. Braddock said that he has been travelling Texas for the past several weeks, and the way he sees it, it's a coin flip, so he won't be surprised if it falls either way. He went on to say that Texas has just surpassed its entire voting total in 2016, and that there is still a full day of early voting, as well as election day, and so the turnout has been massive so far. Braddock also said that while most voters are Republican in Texas, you never really know what will happen until the results.


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