The Lubbock County Sheriff's Office is warning Lubbock, and surrounding area residents, that scammers are back to their old tricks. The Lubbock County Sheriff's Office was alerted by a few local residents that they have received a few concerning calls.

Those calls are coming from someone claiming to be a deputy with the Sheriff's Office, which can make anyone who has ever run a red light's heart drop. The fake deputy will tell the person on the phone that they have a warrant out for their arrest and that they have to pay the fine or be taken to jail. This is not true because no one from any law enforcement agency will ever call someone regarding payment of any kind.

One of those victims provided the Sheriff's Office with a copy of that warrant (as seen below) with lots of checkmarks, signatures, and legal jargon that could seem concerning. Unless you are Elle Woods from Legally Blonde or someone who works in or with the law then you might not know that a warrant for your arrest will never be texted out or emailed out to an offender.

Fake Warrant, Lubbock County Sheriff's Office
Fake Warrant, Lubbock County Sheriff's Office

The Lubbock County Sheriff's Office does want the public to know that if they ever receive this type of call or text that is wanting any kind of monetary compensation they should alert law officials. Local residents are encouraged to call the non-emergency number for the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office to check the validity of that interaction.

Never give out any personal information to anyone over the phone even if they don't ask for money because it could be a scam. That non-emergency number can be called any time of day at 806-775-1601, stay vigilant and Texas tough.

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