The hype of England’s impending royal wedding between Prince William of Wales and his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton have set countless people’s imaginations aflutter with dreams of a wedding fit for a princess, where the eyes of millions are upon the radiant spectacle of the young monarch-in-waiting’s bride. It’s nearly every woman’s dream, and will make many weddings look like an expensive drunken fraternity social for years to come, much to the chagrin of the planners and those bankrolling them.

The international media is hopelessly obsessed with the royal wedding, which makes it difficult to turn on the television and still avoid seeing anything about the nuptials of the heir to the English crown. The media has always had an unhealthy attachment to the royals, because their moral values and familial drama are nothing short of being worthy of a Jersey Shore storyline, albeit with slightly more pleasant accents.

Speaking solely for myself, I simply don’t care to see the royal wedding, or hear any details about it, because the royals simply don’t matter. They’re a costly left-over relic of days gone by. I find it impossible to muster up the tiniest bit of interest, let alone the awe that many are glued to their televisions with, for a wedding of those who are born into a position of power and wealth, all on the highly-taxed back of the British taxpayer.

The royals have not done anything to earn my respect. They’ve never won an election (not that that would make all officeholders worthy of respect mind you, but at least it would mean that they’ve taken the initiative to do something worthwhile), and have only had their pointless, mollycoddled lives handed to them on a gilded platter, which was paid for by the work of the English people.


Why bother singing God Save the Queen in the first place? There’s no reason to congratulate her or her horse-faced descendants (except Camilla Parker-Bowles – She came by her nag-like mug honestly from another family) simply for being born. There is no need to pay even the tiniest bit of respect or reverence for those who were simply placed into their position as a matter of birth rather than earning it.

I do not wish ill upon the young prince or his new bride, but I offer no well wishes towards his family, for they have done nothing praiseworthy, except act as idolized leeches upon their subjects. It will always be wrong to be guaranteed nearly-boundless wealth from taxpayer dollars as one’s birthright. While I don’t pay for the royals to continue looking bored and confused at functions of state, I certainly don’t care to salivate over their garish idolized weddings either.

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