Driving around I've noticed, along with my sinuses, a lot of trees starting to bloom.  Typically in West Texas, that is not a good sign. Especially for the last of February and first of March.

I decided to go to the source and got KAMC 28 Chief Meteorologist Ron Roberts on the phone.

Ron explained that yes, the trees, especially the Bradford Pear, with all the pretty white blooms, are already budding out with the unseasonably warm temperatures. He also said that he hasn't ever seen the pear trees bloom all the way out in February like we are this year.

Ron Roberts said that even though fruit trees and others are budding, we should always look to the "wise old sage tree," also known to us West Texans as the Mesquite tree. It is always the last to leaf and the best indicator whether or not Spring is truly here. Spring officially begins Sunday, March 20, 2016.

But Roberts said to definitely expect temps in the 20s as early as in the next week. He said "don't plant your flowers yet. We will have more sub-freezing temps as well as a probably snow event this Spring." But he added that by mid April we should be out from under winter completely. Hey, we have had snow on Mother's Day before in Lubbock and West Texas.

But with Easter coming early on March 27 this year, it could mean an Easter not in our pretty Spring dresses, but boots and sweaters.