"Officer Norris Roberson fired.  The male was struck by the rounds and went down to the ground.”

That was police spokesman Sgt. Jonathan Stewart explaining what happened  the night that officer Norris Roberson shot and killed 32-year-old Anthony Nichols.  Police say  that Nichols was armed with a knife and refused to surrender as he approached officers.  Earlier, Nichols had called the police department and made threats.

On the Friday  edition of Lubbock’s First News, Mayor Glen Robertson, slightly different last name and not related to the officer, defended the officer’s actions.

“I think he the officer did exactly what he was trained to do.  I applaud the officer.  My heart goes out to him.  This is a young man that was forced to take another man’s life.  He has to live with it the rest of his life.  But I do not question his actions at all.