Growing up in Arizona, most everyone knew that the wealthiest city in the state was Paradise Valley. They have their fancy golf courses, resorts, spas and million-dollar homes. Thinking about that made me realize that I couldn’t tell you what the richest town in Texas was.

I figured it would probably near Dallas, Houston or Austin, considering those are some of the most hustling and bustling cities in the state. It turns out the richest town in Texas in in fact a suburb of Houston. It's called Bunker Hill Village, and I can absolutely see why it's the wealthiest town in Texas.

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Bunker Hill Village is a fairly small town with a population of only 3,940 people. Within this small community, however, the property values and median household income are insane.

According to, the median home value is $1,490,300, and 96 percent of the population owns their home rather than renting. For the few that do rent, the median rent is $3,501. Compared to the national median home value of $217,500 and the national median rent of $1,062, that's impressive.

Just check out one of the homes for sale in the area that's listed at $3,249,000:

Claudia Hellmund, Keller Williams Realty via
Claudia Hellmund, Keller Williams Realty via

The staggering numbers don’t stop there. The workers of Bunker Hill Village have a median earnings of $109,929. They also have an unemployment rate of only 2.9 percent, and over 97 percent of the town's population has health insurance.

Most of the city’s population is over the age of 45 and have a median household income of $247,188, which is 259.8 percent greater than the national median. The city also has a rural feel to it with the larger properties and lower population density. It's considered a great place to live with good nightlife, public schools and outdoor activities.

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Just saying the names of these towns immediately conjures up images of grand mansions, luxury cars, and ritzy restaurants. Read on to see which town in your home state took the title of the richest location and which place had the highest median income in the country. Who knows—your hometown might even be on this list.

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