U.S. House District 19 Representative Jodey Arrington joined The Chad Hasty Show on Tuesday to talk about the upcoming presidential inauguration and priorities during the first weeks of the new congress and presidency.

Arrington and Hasty discussed motives of those in Congress who are boycotting the inauguration in protest of President Elect Trump, many of whom say they do not recognize Trump to be legitimately elected due to hacking and interference by Russia.

When asked by Hasty to share his thoughts on Representative John Lewis' statements about protesting the inauguration, Arrington said,

It's very divisive...There's no question that John Lewis has done good things for this country. I'm surprised, and it's ironic that a guy that was trying to, that worked so many years to bring America together, is now dividing us at a critical juncture. I mean, this was a consequential election.

As to whether or not there was hacking, and whether or not those actions were a factor, Arrington advised that even after receiving classified briefings on the matter, he does not believe that the meddling influenced the outcome of the election. Arrington said,

They did not influence the outcome of this election. You know who influenced the outcome of this election? Remember those seventy percent of rural America, those folks that Obama said cling to their guns and their Bible? Those guys influenced the outcome of the election. The American people said, 'We're tired. We're done. This is over. No more train of abuses and usurpations,' to use words from the Declaration of Independence. We re-declared our independence from big government, from intrusive government, and we gave the power back to 'We the People'.

Hasty and Arrington discussed many other issues, including the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, or 'Obamacare'. Arrington explained his stance on the matter, and believes that government control of health care is not the answer to the problem. "The reason I'm nuanced around the issue of 'replace' is, I don't want another big government solution to this. That's the problem," Arrington said, then continued with,

If we open up inter-state competition, and insurance companies compete for us, our business: Costs will go down, quality will go up, we'll have more choices. That's at the core of what the replacement, in my view, ought to look like. If we get another big-government solution, I'm not going to be in support of it.

As to the importance and urgency of the repeal of Obamacare, Arrington said,

Obamacare is destroying small businesses. It's killing our families who are just trying to make ends meet, especially working class and middle class families.

Listen to the entire interview with Representative Jodey Arrington in the video above.

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