Spring is almost here and that means there are many signs in Texas of the changing of times like insects, budding leaves, and birds. One bird in particular seems to be making a comeback in the Lonestar State but is annoying some residents.

Gobble! Gobble!

Texas A&M AgriLife and Texas Parks and Wildlife have been working together to bring the wild turkey population of Texas back to what it once was. This restorative effort is made possible with the help of state agencies, non-profits, and private landowners. Texas is currently home to three of the five subspecies of wild turkey found in North America, Rio Grande, eastern, and Merriam's turkeys, which all can be found in different terrains.

Hub City Turkeys

While the three subspecies of turkey in Texas are found in the East, South, and more mountainous areas that doesn't mean there are not wild turkeys in Lubbock. There have actually been various reports of turkeys in Lubbock neighborhoods invading the spaces and perching on houses and in trees. Those turkeys that are found in Lubbock are actually most likely the Rio Grande turkey that is known to be in South Texas but actually can be found in Lubbock. These Hub City turkeys are more than likely looking for a mate for the spring and should not be fed by people.


While the efforts of conservation on wild turkeys is underway it is still possible to hunt for turkeys when they are in season. To find out more information about turkeys and whether they are in season in your area just head over to the Texas Parks and Wildlife website. Have you seen any turkeys roaming around neighborhoods, parks, or even the roads in Lubbock and surrounding areas?

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