This morning on Lubbock's First News we spoke with State Representative Charles Perry about a number of issues facing the Texas Legislature in this session. Besides the budget, Perry spoke about many bills that he felt confident would get passed this year.

One of the topics he sounded confident about was concealed carry on campus. A listener called in and asked if concealed carry on campus was going to be brought up and Perry responded by saying, "You're going to get that".

If true, our places of education will be much safer. However, I don't think that it's going to be that easy to get this done. Many University Presidents are against carrying on campus. You also have to deal with the typical liberal groups that are anti-gun.

I for one hope that a bill passes that will allow those with CHL's to carry on campus. It will make schools safer. Remember, the bad guys don't pay attention to the rules. Why not be armed?