Two weeks, two rodents. Last week it was the mouse at the bottom of the cup o' joe (the mouse was having a far worse day then the guy who drank the coffee). This week, it's a severed rat head in a bowl of chili from a buffet.

Golden Corral customer Billy Wilson told Tyler, Texas' KLTV that he discovered what he believes is a severed rat's head when munching on a bowl of chili. According to Wilson, he initially mistook the rodent head as a hard bean. That's one big hard bean!

Wilson did what anyone would do after this happened: ran to the bathroom and vomited.

The following day, Wilson felt ill and went to the hospital. He was diagnosed with gastroenteritis and prescribed medicine to treat nausea and muscle spasms. Wilson has since hired a lawyer.

If simple insects are just an extra dose of protein in your diet, I'm not sure what a rodent equals -- aside from nausea.

Warning: the video below shows the rat head in question. And it's really gross.

[via KLTV]