On Friday's Chad Hasty Show, Representative Randy Neugebauer spoke with Chad about President Obama's Wednesday address to the nation about ISIS.

Neugebauer said that he is unsure of the President's plans, but from briefings Neugebauer has received, that it is apparent that the Unites States will continue it's bombing program as well as it's humanitarian relief programs, and will now be training native Syrian rebel personnel to fight in the crisis.  Neugebauer talked about what will be required during the fight, as well as what will be required in the aftermath to keep ISIS from regaining ground, and the fact that there needs to be much more participation from Arab counties in the effort.

In regard to the goals of the United States in the matter, Neugebauer said, "If we're pushing for a regime change, you know what does that regime look like? When you go back and look over the last few years well we've gotten involved in a regime changes, it hasn't been all that positive of a result."

Neugebauer believes that forces other than just airstrikes will be required to extract ISIS forces form the communities that they have taken control of.

On the question of terrorist forces infiltrating the United States through the border with Mexico, Neugebauer does not believe that ISIS forces are currently operating in our country, but does believe that the porous border is a threat to national security. "That's a threat to us because we don't know who and what is coming in through our border because our border is not secure." "He's (President Obama) the Commander In Chief, and he's supposed to keep America secure. He needs to also be thinking about what's going on on our borders", Neugebauer said.

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