On Wednesday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Stephanie Rhodes, director of the Texas Tech Spirit Squad, talked with Tom Collins and Laura Mac about Raider Red's recent national victory.

At the Capitol One Bowl yesterday, Texas Tech's mascot Raider Red was named the winner of the Capitol One Mascot Challenge, beating out reigning champion Cocky the Gamecock from the University of South Carolina. As the winners of the nationwide competition, Texas Tech has won $20,000 for its mascot program. But for Rhodes, the nationwide recognition and publicity Raider Red has received is equally important

We ended up being more nationally recognized. Even yesterday, just being here in Orlando and having Raider Red in costume, people were like "Hey, Texas Tech!" and "Hey, Raider Red!" And that's what we want. We want Texas Tech out there on a national stage. We want people to know about our wonderful university. And I think one of the best ways we can do that is through Raider Red.

Rhodes said she would like to see most of the money go to scholarships for students who are entering the mascot program at Texas Tech. However, she also mentioned that some of the money would likely go to costume repairs and renovations.

Raider Red makes over 150 appearances a year, including sporting events and community events.