Imagine that you are a senior in high school, and you decided to go to a major university. You apply for admissions and a scholarship. A few weeks later you get a letter that accepts you into the school, but also gives you a full-ride scholarship including tuition, fees, room and board for all four years, as well as a five-thousand-dollar study-away award allowing you to study abroad in places like Bermuda, Florence, and Beijing. Then imagine you received a call that told you it was all a mistake, and they are taking the full-ride away. This is a real scholarship given to very few students, and it is called the Centralis Scholars Award. This really happened to some prospective students at Central Michigan University according to Newsweek.  

It was an error made by the director of admissions at Central Michigan University. Apparently, they sent out the wrong letter to 58 prospective students while testing a new technology and had to contact them and take the award back. The school also replaced their executive director of admissions, Lee Furbeck for the mistake although she may have resigned. As you can imagine, this was a nightmare for the prospective students who were still offered a tuition and fees scholarship to “make it right,” but were not given the extras like room and board.  

One student, Parker Christensen stated, “Getting that phone call, my heart sank, I was second-guessing even going to CMU....I was just angry and disappointed in what they did to me and other 57 other students.” Central Michigan University released a statement, “CMU sincerely regrets this mistake and understands the disappointment and anger these students and their families must be feeling.”  

What are your thoughts? The students are probably better off than they would have been if they had not received the message in error, but at the same time it is much worse than the message led them to believe. Hopefully, the students can look past this huge mistake and see the opportunity that they have been given. 


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