No vote has been set yet, but the Texas House released a proposed plan by HD 65 Rep. Burt Solomons shows West Texas losing District 85 to south of Houston and combining HD 83 into just Hockley County, outer Lubbock County, and Hale County pairing together freshmen representatives Jim Landtroop and Charles Perry.

Much will be made of Perry and Landtroop being together because of opposing House Speaker Joe Straus in the Speaker's race in the beginning of the session, but when they openly opposed him in the manner that it occurred it was almost a forgone conclusion that this would happen to most insiders and observers.


HD 84 Rep. John Frullo ceded Northeast Lubbock and portions of Central Lubbock in exchange for high density neighborhoods in Southwest Lubbock. Much groaning by other reps like Frullo getting rewarded with safe districts, but that is name of the game in both parties.

This map is only a proposal and can be changed during the debates in Austin, but we can see from the Solomons plan is that much can't be changed in West Texas due to the population just not being here. You will hear incessant complaining from online activists, Democrats, and the politically naive in the coming days and weeks during this House debate.  Remember that population numbers matter and we only have one man and one vote.