Buying gas is one of those things that every adult is familiar with. Pumping gas becomes second nature once you learn your routine, so you stop thinking about it too much after a while.

Some people prefer to just fill up and pay whatever it comes out to, and others like to pre-pay before filling up. However, it is much less convenient to pre-pay because you have to park your car at the pump and then go all the way into the convenience store to pay before walking back out to your car and filling up. It ends up taking more time than if you just swipe your card at the pump and pay whatever the total comes out to at the end.

Apparently, there is a secret gas stations have been hiding from us all these years that will speed up and make pre-paying for your gas so much faster. According to a video posted by @mr.flannels, a gas station employee, if you press ‘enter’ on the pump’s keypad before filling up, you can pre-pay at the pump. Just type in the amount you want to pay, press enter again, swipe your card, and you’re good to go.

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I have yet to try this hack out myself, but I will definitely update this post once I do. If it really is true, then this really cuts down on the time it takes to pre-pay, and it means that awkward people (like myself) that want to pump gas without talking to anyone, can do so.

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