On Wednesday's edition of The Chad Hasty Show on KFYO, Larry Williams of Williams Brake Tune and Tire located at 311 19th St. in Lubbock, spoke with Chad about the contaminated fuel event that took place in Lubbock over the weekend. The fuel from a local service station had been pumped into about 20 vehicles, which resulted in the breakdown of those vehicles.

Williams explained what happens when bad fuel is pumped into a vehicle, and the process that needs to take place to remove the contaminated fuel from the engine and fuel system. He said that a vehicle can normally travel a mile or two before the vehicle's engine quits. Williams said that the vehicle will then need to have the gasoline drained, a fuel conditioner added, and have the fuel filter replaced. If a large amount of water is present, the fuel tank may also need to be pulled and cleaned.

Williams advises against purchasing fuel where a fuel tanker is present, because all tanks contain some condensation, especially during hot weather, and the tanker adding fuel to the underground tanks stirs up the condensation where it can be picked up by the pump.

Larry Williams is a regular on KFYO's The Chad Hasty Show on Wednesday mornings. You can find out more about Williams Brake Tune and Tire by visiting their website.

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