Davien Garcia, a TikToker from Plainview, Texas, recently signed with the talent agency known as The Influencer Marketing Factory (IMF).

Garcia first started posting to TikTok in December of 2019 and has now reached 17.5 million likes and almost 630,000 followers. He grew up in Plainview but now lives and works as a full-time content creator in Austin, Texas.

Due to his success making comedy skits on TikTok, he landed a contract with The Influencer Marketing Factory. IMF is a talent agency that represents youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram influencers. The agency helps these influencers connect with various brands. Garcia primarily works with NASCAR, Chispa, and Grammarly.

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He focuses on making short comedy skits which became a popular form of content in 2013 when Vine was created. Vine popularized the content style of short videos with very quick gratification. Due to Vine only allowing six-second videos, many users developed this specific way of making short sketches that got the point across in as little time as possible.

This skit-style content that Garcia is making became popular on TikTok once Vine was no longer available. Creators had slightly more time to get their point across, so they were able to make longer skits with more to them. The skits are also focused on relatable life experiences that are exaggerated to some degree.

It is fun to see such a creator with such a niche content style find so much success. It's also great to see a Texas-based creator gain a large following. Although he is currently located in Austin, Garcia's goal is to eventually move to Los Angeles and continue working as a full-time content creator.

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