Some people in and around the Hub City tend to go all out on Christmas decorations for their homes. If you have been stuck in the traffic leading to homes where Christmas lights are synchronized to Christmas music, you can also guess that there are plenty of people who enjoy driving around and looking at Christmas lights as well.

There are plenty of places here to swing in and see what kind of cheer the residents are sharing with their neighbors, at least until they get the first electric bill of the new year. In this list, we’ll go over some of our favorite places to go see neighborhoods lit up with the Yuletide cheer.

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    Buffalo Springs Lake

    Buffalo Springs Lake has many decorated homes surrounding it, helping to light the lake up with the Christmas spirit. Many residents take great pride in decorating their homes to illuminate their area in this lakeside neighborhood.

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    Ransom Canyon

    Only 1011 people live in Ransom Canyon, just outside of Lubbock, but this area surrounding a lake is dotted with massive homes dressed up for Christmas. This city, located in the Yellowhouse Canyon, lights up the small area in a festive manner every year.

  • Texas Tech University

    Texas Tech’s Christmas lights are lit annually at the Carol of Lights, and keep the beautiful campus bright with holiday cheer. A drive around memorial circle will showcase Holden Hall, the Mass Communications and Math buildings, the Chemistry building, and finally, Tech’s administration building, just to name a few. If you enter from the Broadway and University area, you’ll be greeted by Tech’s sizable Christmas tree.

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    Lakeridge, located between Quaker and Slide Avenues and 82nd and 98th Streets is one of Lubbock’s classic higher-end neighborhoods. This comfortable and modern neighborhood has many residents who like to light up the holiday skies with their homes.

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    Vintage Township

    Vintage Township is a return to the Christmas scene of times past. This street scene could be straight out of a Jimmy Stewart movie, as the residents here prefer a return to a more connected and traditional community. The subdivision is located south of 114th Street between Quaker and Slide.