The March 1 primary is getting closer and with early voting starting on February 14, candidates in the Republican and Democrat primaries are hard at work trying to get their name out and talk to as many voters as possible in a bid to convince people to vote for them and not the other people running.

In Taylor County, many candidates are unopposed but there is a race for Taylor County Judge underway. Downing Bolls has held the seat since 2010 but is not seeking another term. The open seat has drawn two Republican candidates, including Taylor County Assistant District Attorney Phil Crowley.

Crowley joined the Wednesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show heard in Abilene on 94.7 and 1470 KYYW, to discuss his campaign for Taylor County Judge. Crowley touted his professional credentials and the year's that he has been involved in the Taylor County Republican Party as reasons to vote for him. Crowley told the audience that his years of experience handing cases related to guardianship, mental health, and probate will help him when it comes to those matters. Crowley also discussed the need for protecting the taxpayers money and having a conservative budget.

Crowley also spent some time discussing the issue of pay raises in Taylor County and for the Sheriff's department. The issue of pay raises for county officials has been debated lately along with how to fund those raises. It's an issue the next County Judge will have the deal with.

Listen to the full interview above with Phil Crowley.

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