Today on Lubbock's First News, Melinda Corwin, a Ph.D holder working with Texas Tech's Health Science Center, gave details on an upcoming choir for individuals afflicted with aphasia.

Aphasia is not a common word, but Corwin was sure to explain that "aphasia is a loss of language. It can be problems with speaking, understanding, reading, and/or writing. It is usually due to a stroke or some kind of brain injury or brain damage. It is not a loss of intelligence. So it is very frustrating to not be able to say what you are thinking and what you want to communicate. So this summer we are using music and art as forms of therapy and forms of expression." Thursday the 12th will be the date of their choir concert showcasing aphasia sufferers. They will also be showing artworks created by the group. The theory behind this therapy is that when "we use the undamaged side of the brain, which is the right side, we can use things like music, melody, rhythm and art to facilitate or mediate that damaged side of the brain, which with aphasia the left side of the brain is almost always damaged."

The concert and art exhibit this Thursday, the 12th, will be completely free and will start at 7:00PM. The concert will be held at the Quaker Avenue Church of Christ on 17th and Quaker. Be sure not to miss this touching event.

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