Did you see an ominous looking and large truck driving through Lubbock yesterday? One with a huge biohazard symbol painted on the side? I did.

Renee, Townsquare Media

We pulled up right next to it as we traveled west around 7 p.m. Thursday night. It was much taller and wider than our pickup and had a heavy duty truck frame (the kind with extra tires). I can't remember exactly what the text on the door said but I do remember "Private Vehicle Not For Hire."

It would be easy for speculations to run wild with a vehicle like this. Government experiments and (un)natural disasters...zombies!? So what is this truck for and why is it in Lubbock?

Well, I hate to disappoint, but they're just passing through and not at all dangerous.

Pathogen Trackers is an organization that created these vehicles specifically for the music and cultural festival known as Burning Man. Burning Man is a massive gathering of people from all over the world who take a few days to live in communal existence in the desert amongst massive sculptures, which are usually set on fire at some point. It's kinda like a days and miles long performance and installation art piece.

According to Pathogen Trackers' website: "Our Mutation Response Vehicles aid in our benevolent mission and serve as a base of operations so that we may help replenish the spirit and quelch [sic] the hunger of others"

Basically, they have water and food in the trucks and help they people move around Burning Man. They are there to help people stay hydrated, not to keep them from turning into zombies. I can't help but be mildly disappointed.


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