On the Wednesday edition of the Chad Hasty Show, Dan Isset from the Parents Television Council talked with guest host Allen Corbin about some of the best and worst TV sponsors of 2012.

The Top 10 lists of best and worst TV sponsors are based on the content of the TV shows the companies sponsor, along with how many "red light shows," or violent and sexually explicit programs, the companies advertise on. Among the worst sponsors were Yum!, (the company behind Pizza Hut and KFC) Metro PCS, and Target. Apple also made the worst-of list, although Isset did give them some credit for keeping pornographic apps out of their App Store.

On the flip side, Ford ranked in the top spot on the best sponsors, along with Proctor and Gamble, SC Johnson  and Coca-Cola. Isset also noted that Brinker, the company behind Chili's, had ranked on the worst sponsor list for a number of years, but have made a huge turnaround and now rank on the best sponsor list.

For the full list of the best and the worst TV sponsors of 2012, visit the Parents Television Council website at parentstv.org.