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Mackowiak Breaks Down The Latest Supreme Court Vacancy Battle
Last week Republican Strategist Matt Mackowiak joined The Chad Hasty Show to discuss the state of the 2020 Election. Wouldn't you know that just a week later the election had suddenly turned in a new direction.
The 2020 Election was all about the coronavirus pandemic and the economy...
Lubbock Preston Smith Airport Receives $2 Million Dollar Grant
Senator John Cornyn's office announced on Monday that Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport would be receiving a grant for on-going maintenance at the airport. According to a press release from Cornyn's office, the bulk of the $2 million dollar grant will go towards rehabilitation of…
2020’s Happiest States in America
With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting American's mental state everywhere in the U.S., the personal-finance website WalletHub has compiled their list of 2020's Happiest States in America.
WalletHub compared the 50 states using 32 key factors of happiness in order to determine where Americans …

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