According to an interview with Ted Cruz recently, the Republican leadership want to concentrate on Obamacare and jobs for the upcoming elections.

I have to agree that those two subjects are good for Republicans, but there is no amount of soap boxing on Obamacare that will save the party if they continue to cave in every other arena.

Senator Cruz is right that if the Republicans continue their march of caving on everything from the budget to amnesty they are not going to be able to use their two chosen pet issues to re-moralize their, at that point, de-moralized base. It will all smack of empty words and broken promises.

In 2010 the Republicans won a landslide due to the failures and lawlessness of the Democrats, but then the house speaker led the newly elected Republican majority into cave after cave including the disastrous "grand bargain" that slashed military and led to the sequester and in turn, the loss of left-leaning moderate Romney in 2012.

"We only control one half of one third" was a cop-out nobody bought.

Republican leadership is more concerned with maintaining their cushy positions of power than winning, and that is why their base continues to not turn out for them when they should.

Obama should have lost in 2012, he received less votes than McCain did in 2008, but because the Republican leadership had done next to nothing to stop the democrat tidal wave and the fact that the party once again gave us a candidate that was little less than a neutered leadership pawn, those of us that would have supported them just yawned and shrugged.

All Romney needed to do was get AT LEAST as many votes as McCain had in '08 to win, and that didn't happen because the Republican leadership counted on the 'anyone but' sentiment rather than actually accomplishing anything.

'Anyone but' didn't work for Kerry in '04, it didn't work for Romney in '12, and if the Republicans keep caving on everything that matters, come 2014 they will not be rewarded with the win that they could so easily get if they just grew some backbones.

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