In this world there are those that talk of tolerance and dignity, and those that actually show it in their actions.

More and more I see that the difference can be expressed in terms of liberal and conservative.

The recent funeral in South Africa for Nelson Mandela once again brought stark contrast to those that claim to treat others with dignity and those that actually do.

When Former President Bush was shown the crowd booed him, forget the fact that he has done more to fight AIDS in Africa than any other politician.

Still, Bush actually had the dignity and respect that left wingers claim, being the first to stand for an ovation after President Obama’s remarks.

Even starker, I think, is how we see the world’s reaction to Mandela’s death; the left and right are showing the man respect, but when Lady Thatcher passed, there was not an ounce of dignity afforded her by the left.

How about when MSNBC’s former host Bashir was allowed to take leave and then resign gracefully after his totally unacceptable remarks about Sarah Palin, but Alec Baldwin was fired practically overnight for using a gay slur to get a random paparazzi to go away.

It’s funny; the side that claims to be the most tolerant, the side that claims to want to give all people a fair position is the first, and most venomous and disgusting, in mistreating any who they don’t agree with.

The right, which rarely blows its own horn in the same regard, actually does show those they disagree with respect.

Andrew Montalvo is a KFYO Talkshow Producer.  Let him know what you think in the comments below.

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