It should be no surprise that with the current administration’s push for bigger government I everyone’s lives that the number of those on food stamps has doubled in the past decade.

However, the growing culture of “take” that breeds the idea that “Society owes me” becomes very apparent with the recent report that for the first time ever food stamp enrollment has grown with the economy was on a positive swing.

A combination of the economic effects of programs like Obamacare forcing millions from full time into part time and the push to get as many people as possible on government assistance has done what conservatives have always warned about socialistic programs that liberals love and force everyone to finance: it has made poverty comfortable.

Just as feeding wild animals makes them dependent on human handouts due to the fact that the animal learns that it is easier to beg than to hunt for themselves, government assistance is easier for many in poverty than taking an entry level job to work their way up.

The economic underclass that the left loves to cite for their causes of redistribution is being expanded by those programs. Were it was only those who through their own actions were left in poverty and those with the drive could work their way out of it, now find their incentive for advancement removed.

As the saying goes, when the discipline of failure is removed the incentive for success goes with it.

Unfortunately, as the underclass grows the strain on the producers grows as well, and with all other socialistic economies, eventually it implodes under its own weight.