Being born and raised in Lubbock, I've seen and heard a lot about the city, its lifestyle, businesses and more. Of course, I have heard all about these things from the past as well, and that's why I like doing the Once Upon a Time in Lubbock series.

This one actually surprised me when I heard about it over the weekend.

Dagley Field.

I grew up very close to 34th and Toledo Ave., and the only things I ever knew were there was the now closed and torn-down Stubbs Elementary School and the Coronado High School Sports Complex.

But apparently, this piece of land has a bigger history than just that.

On Saturday, a Texas Historical Marker was placed at 34th and Toledo Ave., marking the location of Dagley Field as a World War II training site.

From The Lubbock County Historical Commission:

Dagley Field began in 1942 as a private air field operated by Maenard F. Dagley. Responding to the demand for more aviators, about half of the 6,500 student pilots in the Civil Pilot Training Program at Texas Tech trained at Dagley Field. The 160 acre field was located at 34th and Toledo, although that was outside the city limits at the time. After Dagley was called to active duty, Clent Breedlove took over instruction duties. Training ended in 1944 and the airfield changed to Lubbock Aero Field. The hangar burned in 1945 and property owner Samuel Baggett subdivided the land, naming the new addition College Heights. Later Lubbock ISD acquired the property and opened Stubbs Elementary School which served the children of Lubbock until 2001. Today is the Coronado athletic complex.

I lived in the College Heights Addition for 20+ years and my family is still there, and yet no one knew about this. Sometimes amazing things could have happened right in your own backyard and you might not even know it!

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