It's fun to take the dogs exploring. I take my dog to parks, hiking and even just restaurants that allow me to have my pet on the porch. But walking dogs (and yourself) through tall grass is a bad idea.

Lyme Disease caused by ticks is potentially fatal, and more and more infected ticks are showing up in Texas.

There's another nasty blood-sucker all over the southern United States: 'No-See-Ums,' also known as Valley Black Gnats. In Lubbock, most places are too dry for the gnats, but marshy areas and over-watered plants can get infested with all kinds of gnats. After overcoming their long drought, Los Angeles is infested with them.

Luckily for everyone, unlike ticks and mosquitoes, Valley Black Gnats very rarely spread disease. They are itchy, annoying and ugly, but here is an excellent guide on how to identify and treat no-see-um bites.

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