Nick Ochsner, current political reporter for WVEC & former KAMC 28 reporter joined KFYO's Rob Snyder, Robert Pratt and Ken Corbin to discuss the Virginia Governor's race on Tuesday night. Ochsner was covering the Ken Cuccinelli campaign in Richmond.

At the time of the interview, the Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe (pictured, above) was losing to Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli by a few percentage points. Ochnser, Pratt & Corbin discussed the possibility of the remaining precincts to changing the tide to flip the race over to McAuliffe.

Demographics and the number of government employed voters were analyzed for the possible election results.

Also addressed was the mass of negative political ads and large sums spent in the race and the effect of the libertarian candidate splitting the conservative vote.

About 45 minutes after the conclusion of the interview, the race did flip over to McAuliffe as votes from Northern Virginia started to be counted in Richmond.

With 98% of the precincts reporting in Virginia, McAuliffe had 47.3% compared to Cuccinelli's 45.8%.

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