Teachers, administrators, and government officials have been telling us that every kid should go to college. They have been encouraging students to do their best to get into the school of their choice. You would think that when it all pays off the student should be able to celebrate the accomplishment right? In New York City, you'd be wrong. Instead of celebrating those that made it, we now have to watch out for the feelings of those that didn't. According to the NY Post:

In an attempt to ease the blow of a student’s first big rejection, New York prep schools are instituting dress codes and Facebook guidelines barring excited seniors from broadcasting their acceptance to top-tier colleges because it would hurt their classmates’ feelings.

At the hyper-competitive Horace Mann School, students are not permitted to wear college apparel, including status Ivy League sweatshirts, on campus until after May 1, when most students have settled on what school they’ll attend.

And at the Packer Collegiate Institute, students are instructed not to update Facebook with university news until after school lets out.

The city’s selective public high schools are also implementing rules to save the egos of students forced to attend “safety schools.”

“It can be bad and it can get weird,” said Darby McHugh, college coordinator at Bronx HS of Science. “We send a notice out to all faculty telling them, ‘Please don’t congratulate students in public, no high fives, no hugging, and please be sensitive so that if you see someone crying, you refer them to the college-adviser office immediately.’ ”

How long do you think before we see this spread around the country. As the generation of kids that have been told that there are no winners and no losers, the generation that doesn't allow kids to be singled out, as that generation hits their Junior and Senior years, they will be hit with rejection and schools will try to coddle them again.

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