Calling all hunters and fishermen, it is now time to renew your licenses for the new season.

Your current ones you have now will expire at the end of August so you better act fast for the new license. There are some new things you do need to know.

This is nothing new but for people that don't know in Texas to hunt or fish legally without getting in trouble, you must have a license. There are different ones you can buy depending on what you want to do.

What's new? 

Some new tags you might want to keep an eye out for this year is the digital Super Combo license (Items 111, 117 and 990.) Also if you are a digital license holder, you will not receive a printed license or tags so you will have to keep a digital license available while in the field. You can find those licenses through the TPWD Outdoor Annual and My Texas Hunt Harvest mobile apps.

The apps will also now tell you about alligator gar harvest reporting and support digital tagging of harvested deer, turkey, and oversized red drum for certain license holders.

How do you get the license in Texas?

I think you will be surprised but almost 2.7 million licenses are purchased a year. You can buy things like just fishing, lease small, Exotic Safari, combo packages, and all kinds of things. Plus, you can always add on later in the year. If you have no idea which one to buy they lit out in detail what they mean. There are three ways you can buy, online, by phone (1-800-895-4248), or in person. Depending on what you get depends on the price.

When you buy these licenses they will not be effective until September 1st.


So get it now because if you want to hunt or fish this year, you must have to have a license to do so or you may be penalized. Click that link to see all the rules you need to know.

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