If you were to ask the fans of Apple's Macintosh computers, they'd probably say one of its best features is that the Macs are practically immune to viruses. Well...that's not exactly the case anymore.

A new variant of the "Flashback" Trojan virus has infected over 600,000 Macs. According to reports, the virus disguised itself as an update to Adobe Flash Player, and once it is downloaded, it deactivates the system's security software and allows the makers of the virus to take control of the system. Apple has not commented on the attack, but has since released a security updates for the Mac.

Personally, I'm not surprised about this. For a long time, Mac users have been practically bragging that the Macs are untouchables. If you keep boasting like that, eventually, someone is going to try and challenge you. And that's exactly what's taking place here.

It just goes to show you that no computer is immune to viruses, even the Macs. Regardless of which system you use, you need to take precautions against these kinds of attacks.