Matt Mackowiak, GOP Strategist and co-founder of joined Chad on Monday on The Chad Hasty Show on KFYO to discuss last Friday's debate between candidates for Governor of Texas, as well as a few other current issues in the state.

Mackowiak commented that Greg Abbott's presentation was much solid and positive than was Wendy Davis'.

"To me he was clearly more substantive, he was obviously more positive, and he looked like a governor. I mean, Gregg Abbott looked like a governor, and Wendy Davis looked like a governor candidate. Wendy, strategically I think, chose to continue being very negative, which she's done with her paid television ads. She chose to continue being negative in the debate itself. And that is always a dicey strategy because the more negative you are the less you look like someone of stature who could perhaps serve in an office like Governor", Mackowiak said, then continued, "He is going to be a great governor, and I think that we started to see that, and the statewide audience started to see that on Friday night."

Mackowiak and Hasty also discussed the state tuition law, immigration, conservatism in Texas and it's impact on the 2016 presidential race.

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