A Lubbock museum has managed to draw ire from some for purchasing two mules and having them euthanized for a display.

The American Museum of Agriculture in Lubbock reportedly purchased the mules, which were reportedly 28 years old and 32 years old, and had them euthanized for inclusion in an exhibit highlighting the use of animals in agriculture.

The museum says that they searched for already taxidermied mules, but did not find any.

In a statement released by the museum, they said that “Had the Museum not purchased these animals, the next option for the trader would have been to sell them to be transported into Mexico for slaughter for dog food.”

“Instead, the mules were humanely euthanized by a licensed veterinarian and will become excellent educational exhibits for years and years to come,” they continued.

Those against the Museum’s decision have been speaking out through social media, such as this Facebook page, titled “Save the Lubbock Mules!”